Does Verizon Do 2 Year Contracts

When it comes to choosing a cellphone plan, many people are confused about whether or not Verizon offers 2-year contracts. The answer is both yes and no. In the past, Verizon offered 2-year contracts along with subsidized cell phones. However, in recent years, the company has shifted its focus towards no-contract plans and financing options.

If you are an existing Verizon customer and are still on a 2-year contract, you can continue with your plan until it ends. However, if you are looking to sign up for a new Verizon plan, you will not be able to choose a 2-year contract.

Instead, Verizon now offers Verizon Device Payment, where the cost of the device is spread out over 24 or 36 months. This option allows customers to pay for their device in installments rather than paying for the entire cost upfront. This financing option is available to both new and existing customers.

This shift towards no-contract plans and device financing allows Verizon to offer more flexible options to its customers while also ensuring that customers are not locked into a contract that no longer suits their needs. With device financing, customers have more control over their monthly payments, and they can choose to upgrade their phone at any time by paying off the remaining balance on their current device.

In summary, while Verizon used to offer 2-year contracts, the company has shifted towards no-contract plans and device financing. Existing customers can continue with their 2-year contract until it expires, but new customers will need to choose a no-contract plan or device financing option. This change allows Verizon to provide more flexible choices to its customers and gives customers more control over their monthly payments.

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